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Hop Flowers (Whole) - Organic and Dried Herbs

Hop Flowers (Whole) - Organic and Dried Herbs

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Hop Flowers (Humulus lupulus L.) rich in lupulin, volatile oils, resins and bitters, hops is a potent herb valued for its relaxing effect on the nervous system. It is especially useful for hypertension, insomnia and eases tension and anxiety in men. Hops is one of the most potent bitters and is excellent as a digestive. It is especially useful for indigestion due to nervous energy and anxiety. It is a powerful nervine and sleep aid. It is estrogenic and is used to increase sex drive in women.

Product Info: Organic & Kosher Calendula Flowers

Packaged in Canada

Every item undergoes rigorous quality checks

Avoid use if pregnant. Always consult a healthcare practitioner.

Size: 75 grams - 150 grams - 1/2 lb - 1 lb

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